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Mar-Lo's Handmade

11 oz Limited Edition Coastal Scented Ombre Candle

11 oz Limited Edition Coastal Scented Ombre Candle

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Coastal is a wonderful scent perfect for all year, but even better for summer.  With notes of Agave+Sea Salt+Driftwood+Moss, you will think you have been transported to a beach destination smelling the salty sea.  It's showcased in this  beautiful double walled ombre colored glass vessel that looks like the sandy beach and blue water meeting together.  After burning, reuse the vessel to hold things such as cotton balls, Q-tips, or anything else you think would look amazing in this unique vessel. 


What makes Mar-Lo's Handmade candles so amazing?

Coco-Apricot Crème wax candles are the next wave of sustainable home fragrance. Unlike soy wax, coconuts are sustainably and ethically produced without GMOs. Coconuts are a crop grown without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Coconut wax candles have a slow and clean burn that doesn't emit harmful chemicals into your lungs. They also have a better scent throw than other waxes. What does that mean? Well, they can fill up the room! So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try. We know you'll fall in love!


  • Made from an eco-friendly, sustainable crop
  • Clean and slow burn with stronger scent throw
  • 100% reusable packaging 
  • Sustainably made crackling wooden wick
  • 70+ hour burn time
  • This product is free from animal byproducts, animal cruelty, parabens, dyes, phthalates, and chemicals and is PETA Certified
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