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Mar-Lo's Handmade

Everyday Tin-Palo Santo

Everyday Tin-Palo Santo

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Unveil the mystique of "Palo Santo" in every flicker.  Imbued with the essence of citrus, sandalwood, amber, and saffron, this candle invites you into a realm of spiritual serenity.  Let the aromatic dance of these rich scents elevate your space.

What makes Mar-Lo's Handmade candles so amazing?

Coco Apricot Crème wax candles are the next wave of sustainable home fragrance. Unlike soy wax, coconuts are sustainably and ethically produced without GMOs. Coconuts are a crop grown without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Coconut wax candles have a slow and clean burn that doesn't emit harmful chemicals into your lungs. They also have a better scent throw than other waxes. What does that mean? Well, they can fill up the room! So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try. We know you'll love it.


  • Made from an eco-friendly, sustainable crop
  • Clean and slow burn with stronger scent throw
  • 100% reusable metal packaging 
  • Sustainably made crackling wooden wick
  • 35+ hour burn time
  • This product is free from animal byproducts, animal cruelty, parabens, dyes, phthalates, and chemicals and is PETA Certified
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